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    >>IN 1997

    The company incorporated in April 1997

    Main products: Sales of imported transmission belt, conveyor belt

    >>IN 1998

    The company is the first office / own Nanjing city Yunnan Road No. 19

    Products and suppliers: in cooperation with the Hongkong ANN basedtransmission equipment, began to expand

    Transmission equipment business -- reducer, coupling, clutch

    >>IN 1999

    Branch: Suzhou in the establishment of Anyun first Office

    >>IN 2000

    The company relocated to the road No. 44

    Products and suppliers: started selling Taiwan TPG reducer, reducer firstbecome dealer

    >>IN 2001

    Branches: the establishment of Anyun Xi'an Office

    The establishment of Nanjing Ansen Electromechanical Equipment Co. Ltd.(sells Japanese Mikipulley products)

    >>IN 2002

    Products: Japan Nissei reducer agent

    >>IN 2003

    Products: to become the Italy Rossi reducer Chinese agent

    Branches: the establishment of Ansen Shanghai Office

    >>IN 2004

    The company relocated to the window of the world in Nanjing Software Park

    Products: Japan Panasonic small motor, reducer agent Sigma

    Branches: the establishment of the Shanghai ningyun ElectromechanicalEquipment Co., Ltd.

    >>IN 2005

    Products: Japan Sumitomo China region level agents signing a speed reducer

    >>IN 2006

    Products: Germany Pfaff spiral elevator agent

    Branches: the establishment of an Yun Guangzhou Office

    Ansen Beijing Office

    Ansen Shenyang Office

    >>IN 2007

    Branches: the establishment of Yun Ning Hangzhou Office

    Anyun Qingdao Office

    Anyun Chengdu Office

    Anyun Beijing Office

    >>IN 2008

    Products: become the German Lenze agent

    Branches: the establishment of industrial division

    >>IN 2009

    Products: as Japan's Hitachi inverter agent

    Branches: the establishment of the Nanjing Ruilai confidential Machinery Co. Ltd.

    Nanjing Arnold Electromechanical Equipment Co. Ltd.

    >>IN 2010

    The company officially opened OA office system

    >>IN 2011

    Products: become a CAMEC agent in China

    Branches: the establishment of an Yun Zhengzhou Office

    >>IN 2012

    Products: become a new treasure SHIMPO servo reducer special agents

    Branches: the establishment of the Changsha Liaison Office

    Dalian Liaison Office

    Xinjiang Office
    >>IN 2013
    Products: become a FESTO authorized dealers, agents of APEX reducer
    >>IN 2014
    The company moves to Hehai technology development building

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    Address: Nanjing Gulou District No. 70 Qingjiang road Hehai technology R & D Building 8 floor
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