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    Hitachi inverter used in plastics extruder
    发布时间:2014-11-7   来源:    【字体:

    One, overview
      In the process of plastics and synthetic fibers, screw extrusion machine has a very wide range of applications. Plastic extrusion machine is mainly the use of plastics, the plastic by heating and screw role in the machine barrel, crushing, melting, plasticizing, exhaust, cooling and shaping the compaction process, finally. Machine is composed of extrusion system, transmission system and heating cooling system composed of plastic extrusion, new type of plastic extruder has been generally adopted, automation system with the PLC control, the inverter drive, touch screen man-machine operation as a whole.

    Fig 1 plastic extruder product map
    Two, the practical application
      Plastic factory in the old type plastic extruder motor general DC motor or electromagnetic adjustable speed motor, electricity has a considerable proportion in the cost of the product. In addition, in the production process of the plastic product, because the plastic properties, product specifications and the requirements of the production process is different, a lot of places need to adjust the speed of production machinery, therefore need alternative energy saving, efficient. Using Hitachi SJ700 series inverter directly with ordinary asynchronous motor can greatly reduce the plastic electricity cost; at the same time frequency converter driving without shock current, stable starting, can improve the quality of the products. Using variable frequency control technology to change the motor speed, improve the quality of products, compared with the gear drive, DC drive, electromagnetic speed adjustable electric way more convenient, reliable, better performance. SJ700 itself has overvoltage, undervoltage, over-current, short circuit, phase, temperature and various protection functions, play a security role in safety production.
    1 screw speed control
      Regulation and stability of the screw speed is an important process of the host drive one of the requirements. Screw speed directly determines the glue quantity and the extrusion velocity, normal production always hope to achieve the highest speed and achieve high yield as much as possible, the extruder screw speed requirements from the start to the required working speed, speed range can be used to big. And the stability of the high speed requirement, because the speed fluctuations will lead to extrusion rate fluctuations, affecting the quality of extrusion.

    Fig 2 plastic extruder plan
    Frequency conversion control 2, extruder
      Extruder in the course of the two most important factors is the pressure and speed, they are directly related to the process factors of extrusion machine, Hitachi SJ700 as vector inverter a strong performance, good to meet the performance requirements. Device just started to work, advanced for speed control, in achieve pressure requirements, cut to the torque control, the switching process should be no shock. This requires the frequency converter has high control precision, in response to the pressure signal, to realize the pressure PID control. Extrusion rate marks the extruder extrusion productivity, an important factor in the process of extrusion machine. Many factors affect the rate of resistance, such as head, screw speed, barrel structure, the die pressure is constant, the most important thing is the speed of the screw. At the same time with the vector control mode and V/F control mode, which makes the SJ700 converter has been used more widely in the field of extrusion machine. Because of the influence of the converter without voltage fluctuation, speed control of high precision, improve the quality of the product, stepless frequency converter soft start characteristics, wide speed range and smooth, reducing down times, reducing the mechanical vibration and increase the yield, in addition to install frequency governor after raising the power factor of the motor at the same time, but also save a lot of energy, so many advantages of inverter has the trust of our customers.
    Three, prospect
      The converter has been widely used in various industries of the national economy, its smooth stepless speed regulation, high reliability, high accuracy, but also save energy and can improve the automation level and other advantages, have been well reflected in the plastics industry, gradually replaced the DC motor and speed control, improve the level of automation of plastic machinery in certain degree, promoting the development of the plastics industry.

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