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    Sumitomo heavy machinery reducer: seize market opportunities in robot machine Market
    发布时间:2015-4-17   来源:    【字体:
    [OFweek robot news]: in recent years, with the continuous expansion of the application field of the robot, people attach importance to the robot continues to increase, the robot industry chain has caused widespread concern in the industry. Motor, controller, servo system is referred to as the core components of the robot. Industrial robots cost structure is as follows: 22%, the body of servo system, a speed reducer 38%, 25% 10% and 5% other control system. Can be seen from the reducer is an important part of the cost of the robot.
        For a long time, because the domestic robot in the field of the core components of heteronomy, the world can provide large-scale and reliable precision reducer manufacturing enterprise is not much, the vast majority of the world market share of Japanese companies occupy. 2015 Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition opened in Guangzhou in March 9th, the OFweek robot network editor took the opportunity to interview with the product manager Mr. Hashimoto Keya the world's major supplier of robot Sumitomo heavy machinery reducer reducer, reducer on issues related to the robot are discussed.

        Three reasons lead to the high cost of precision gear
    As the core components of the reducer of robot, is an important component part of the cost of the robot, domestic robot, this situation is particularly evident, according to this phenomenon, Qiao Benyan think there are three reasons:
        First of all, precision reducer high precision, long life, high reliability, high performance, determines the precision gear reducer of the cost is higher than the general.
        Secondly, the robot with precision reducer for the corresponding requirements for robots, non-standard design more, leading to high cost.
    Once again, the domestic robot is not the realization of mass production as imports robot that led to its cost, speed does not drop down.
    Sumitomo reducer reducer Market unique advantage.
        The core components of the robot is included in the controller and the speed reducer, Sumitomo group in these two aspects are involved, when asked about the Sumitomo heavy machinery reducer has no transition of robot planning, Qiao Benyan said Sumitomo heavy machinery reducer will focus on precision reducer industry, the company has not transformed into robot business plan. I believe a focused company will produce good products professional.
    Sumitomo precision reducer single-stage reducer D series, C series, A series, UA series, W series of two speed reducer, T series. According to the robot axis load and the different requirements of each axis, corresponding to the robot.
    For the first axis robot, second axis, third axis UA series with 2 teeth difference unique technology, can achieve zero backlash of transmission loss of 0.5 arc min, higher than similar products within the accuracy of 1arcmin. At the same time, improve the machining precision, low vibration effect is very good.
        UA series planetary eccentric shaft support bearings with needle roller bearings, the planetary shaft PCD to maximize the speed reducer, compact and can achieve higher output torque.
        A joint of a robot arm for the D series is a gear structure, through the integration of parts design, through the high speed shaft of the built-in support for standardization of design, structure of bearing, the speed reducer has the advantages of compact structure.

        C series gear reducer is hollow and empty diameter, and is fully sealed design.
        For the W series of the first axis of the robot more hollow diameter, and can achieve high torque output.
    After years of market tests, Sumitomo heavy machinery reducer has been widely used in industrial robots, variable bit machine, machine tool industry. In addition Sumitomo heavy machinery and many kinds of gear reducer motor and gear box, application areas such as packaging equipment and production line, auto production line, electric power, mine, port, airport, elevators and other various industrial fields.
    To improve the layout of a Chinese Sumitomo precision gear factory in Chinese
        Sumitomo crane reducer division membership Sumitomo Heavy Machinery Industries Ltd, the development of technology of production has 70 years of industry experience in the reducer and leading, sales network across 50 countries worldwide. At present Sumitomo precision reducer in Japan and Germany have production factory.
        Sumitomo since 1994 to enter the Chinese, has gone through 20 years. At present Sumitomo heavy machinery reducer set up sales headquarters in Shanghai, at the same time, the main city in the country, the layout of the 33 sales offices in Tianjin, Tangshan, Shanghai; Songjiang, Guangzhou established a factory; the layout of the national top 10 city 20 customer service engineer, the first time arrived at the scene to solve the problem of customers.
        With the rapid development of the domestic robot industry, heavy machinery Sumitomo reducer in 2015 3 officially established in Shanghai precision gear factory production, and ensure the precision reducer each China production and Japan have the same quality.
        According to the International Federation of robotics report shows, in the past in 2014 Chinese market total sales of 56000 units of industrial robots. In 2015 as a key domestic and foreign robot robot, the climax of a new round of development of the robot in the robot market will compete for time, and this will bring a huge market for precision gear.
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