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    The EU fasteners dispute renewed Chinese electrical import and Export Chamber of Commerce reacted strongly
    发布时间:2015-4-13   来源:    【字体:
        [financial network] in March 27, 2015, the Commission released carbon steel fasteners anti-dumping sunset review final announcement, decided to maintain the anti-dumping measures on the carbon steel fasteners originating from Chinese, continue to impose high anti-dumping duties. The chamber of Commerce this decision strongly opposed Chinese import and export of electromechanical products.
        Official said, the next will take further action to promote the industry association. 7-8 months, WTO expert group will make a new ruling.
        Previously, China won the first in the case of WTO, the European Union to take 15 years of discrimination provisions are illegal.
    However, the Electromechanical chamber of Commerce sent to the newspaper's data show that in March 6, 2012, the European Union, was forced to perform the WTO ruling, to start the implementation of review procedures, released in October 10, 2012 ruled that the Commission wanted to perform across the field, but in a large number of Chinese Enterprises and the burden of counterplea, finally admitted the existence of irregularities in the confirmation of India instead of price and the use of alternative price and China export price comparison, and forced to correct some errors, agreed to the original average anti-dumping tax rate decreased from 77.5% to 54.1%. However, the Commission is still refusing to correct illegal practices for the rest of the. China has won in the WTO dispute, but the 54.1% EU anti-dumping duties will China fastener to outside the European union.
    In 2013 October, China once again to bring Article 21.5 of DSU program to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism for the dispute, the EU to correct fastener case all illegal practices, the abolition of anti-dumping measures, the EU executive at a Geneva court debate, the expert group in 2015 7-8 month will make a ruling.
        January 30, 2014 fasteners in case tax expiration of 5 years, the European Union launched the sunset review investigation, the Chinese fastener industry has to EU industry and the European Commission said that even if WTO wins, is willing to seek reconciliation, realize win-win cooperation China EU trade fasteners. Yet the Commission in March 27, 2015 promulgated the sunset review final, announced to continue to Chinese 54.1% levy anti-dumping duties, and continued for 5 years, regardless of the WTO expert group decision to be made. Move the EU trade protectionism to China fastener industry shocked.
        The European Commission announced on November 9, 2007, the anti-dumping investigation to Chinese carbon steel fasteners.
        In 2009 January, the EU decided to Chinese carbon steel fasteners products from 26.5% to 85% of the anti-dumping duties.
        In July 31st of the same year, China EU legislation and the anti-dumping measures taken to WTO dispute settlement mechanism. The case became the first case in the prosecution of the EU WTO Chinese.
        In December 3, 2010, the WTO panel ruling released the report, some argue that China alone all in favor of tax issues and fasteners anti-dumping measures to support.
        In March 25, 2011, the EU will appeal. In March 30th, China has been the problem of expert group to support further appeal.
        In July 15, 2011, the WTO Appellate Body report, the final ruling in favor of the China trade dispute with the EU on the fastener.
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