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    Nanjing Anyun Housewarming
    发布时间:2014-9-17   来源:    【字体:

        The morning of March 14, 2014, Nanjing Anyun by site: Nanjing ding Huai Street 12 door window of the world software park moved to the new site:Qingjiang road Nanjing Gulou District No. 70 Hehai technology R & DBuilding 8 floor, general manager of the company Mr. Cao Guopingpresided over the ceremony.

        Nanjing Anyun is located at No. 70 Qingjiang road Hehai technology R & DBuilding 8 floor, building area of more than 1800 square meters, Nanjing Anyun is a professional engaged in industrial control and drive product sales, technology development, system design solution for the implementation of the Integrated Company. The move is an Nanjing amilepost, transport in the history of the development of a new starting point.

        An Yunren will new opportunity to completion and move, with a new attitude, to further enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and competitiveness, better for the customers to provide quality service and high performance price ratio products, and make unremitting efforts for therealization of an Yunren your dream. Thank you for the new and oldcustomers, suppliers, industry colleagues for a long time Nanjing Anyunconcern and support!

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