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    Product name:Wide angle tower belt
    Product categories:GATES
    product brand:GATES
    Click to:813
    Polyflex R & Polyflex R JB Belts wide belt and joint group wide belt
    The market application:
    Suitable for machine tools, medical equipment, inventory, equipment, micro appliances, hair dryer and woodworking machinery industry.
    The group wide belt system applicable to the need of a plurality of transmission belt together.
    The characteristics of:
    1 unique 60 degree angle, structure of polyurethane materials, which compared to the traditional triangle belt can bear a larger load in a small space is running at high speed. 2 polyurethane mixture can wear resistance, ozone resistance and most environmental factors.
    Method for producing 3 precision so that it can be quiet operation.
    Provides higher stability and bending back groove design 4.
    5 working temperature -65 degrees F to +180 degrees F (-54 degrees C to +85 degrees C)
    The 6 group wide belt joined structure to improve the belt stability, prevent the belt overturning or detachment belt wheel.
    Belt type: 3M 5M 7M 11M 3MJB 5MJB 7MJB 11MJB
    The length of the belt: from 180MM to 2300MM
    Note: SPL said tower belt, MT said the special machine tool
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