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    Product name:Bevel Buddybox®4 series reducer
    Product categories:SUMITOMO
    product brand:SUMITOMO
    Click to:871
    The range of parameters:
    Motor power: 0.1Kw ~ 55Kw
    Torque: less than 17400Nm
    Output speed: 0.057...... 136rpm
    Speed down ratio: 11:1 to 26000:1 or more
    Product features:
    And ductile iron shell: ductile iron shell model is two times the general cast iron shell strength, protect the normal operation of the bevel gear reducer.
    And increase of suspended load capacity: Cyclo BBB4 more than 375% suspended load capacity increases than previous models.
    And increase the power: the design of the new Cyclo BBB4 series has been optimized, the power ratings increase than the previous series.
    And the bigger size: high torque type F can accommodate shaft diameters greater
    And reduction ratio increases: the increase of 46 standard ratios and 87 optional ratio
    - standard lubrication system: single tank is easy to maintain and high performance.
    And compact design: orthogonal shaft of the reducer optimal torque efficient industry. New type of ductile iron shell increases strength, can realize the big Xu Rong radial load so that the shell size smaller and more compact reducer.
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