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    Product name:EH-150 programmable controller
    Product categories:HITACHI
    product brand:HITACHI
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    1 double power supply special substrate EH-BS8PD (slot 8) can be installed 2 sets of double power supply EH-PSR (basic / extended) tied for 2 sets of power work, even if there are 1 sets of faults occur, use the normal power supply can continue to run.

    Can also be used as a large capacity power
    Individually mounted to the EH-BS3A, 5A, 8A, 5V can be used as output, large capacity power supply using 5.8A (because there is no 24V output, so please prepare)
    Parallel operation emphasizes reliability
    In order to eliminate the fault occurs, the reliability of the switching circuit in standby mode will decrease, therefore using parallel operating mode is simple.
    Can identify the fault source
    Fault, because the power supply is normal display (POW) lights, therefore can identify the fault source. And the load power can be displayed in the control cabinet is outside the normal contact (contact: a normal ON). At the same time, more than EH-CPU516 and EHV-CPU, according to the power supply is abnormal external input known power abnormal situation, so you can monitor, report through the display and the host PC.
    You can replace the power failure in EH-150 operation
    Can replace the power supply in EH-150 continuous operation. However, considering the safety of the operator, can contact breaker cut set independently at each power supply AC power supply.
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